What we Provide

A Platform

Project Safe Campus is a student engagement program that addresses youth-related crimes, particularly criminal activity occurring in and around school campuses. Project Safe Campus believes in creating safe schools, we do this by empowering students to use the Project Safe Campus anonymous tips program.

A Voice

Project Safe Campus is the voice for students who want to make their schools safe, without any retaliation! We empower students to report the presence of dangerous weapons, drugs, acts of bullying, thefts and damage to school property, and much more!

Safe Schools

The goal of Project Safe Campus is to create a safe school environment by providing a way for students to anonymously – and safely – report the presence of dangerous weapons, drugs, acts of bullying, thefts and damage to school property by using the Crime Stoppers anonymous tip line – 1.800.SPEAK.UP

How it Works!


You can submit a tip by calling our anonymous tip-line at 1-800-SPEAK UP. We do not use caller-id, we do not record any calls, and you will never be asked to give your name, or any other personal information!


You can also submit a tip by clicking “Submit a Tip” on our website! Just like calling and texting, all of your personal information is encrypted, and you remain 100% anonymous! Your name, IP address, and other personal information will not appear.

Submit a Tip

Cash Reward

When a tip leads to disciplinary action and/or the recovery of drugs, stolen or damaged property, or weapons, a $100 reward will be paid. The school may also receive a quarterly donation of $100 to its student council for each actionable tip received.

Students (In Thousands)
Total Tips

Mr. Burton’s presentation was relevant and timely for our students. His connection to what our students aspire to be and what practices they follow was spot on. He helped our students understand that “snitching” is a term that came from the prison system and that they should aspire to be citizens who look out for others.

Hazel Park Junior High Tammy M. Scholz, Principal

One of our students called in a tip about a possible situation involving several of our students that was rumored to go down at our school.  We were able to have security and administration in place to keep an eye out and to prevent anything from happening.  Project Safe Campus allows our students to feel safe to call and report wrong doings without the negative stigma of being a “snitch”.


East English Village Prep Academy Patricia A. Murray, Principal

PSC has been a tremendous asset to our school empowering our students to make a difference, setting our school as a no crime zone and to become outstanding leaders in the future. We look forward to future events that PSC may have and to remember to keep Cass Technical High School in mind. Thank you Again!!

Cass Technical High School Staci K. Reed

I just want to thank you for providing our school with this wonderful program last year. We received a number of “tips” on potential violence. Your program has really helped us with resolving issues that were out of our knowledge. Our kids have really joined together and made a commitment to speak up about violence/ Bullying.

University YES Academy Kevin Dargin